Survey Report
Utilities and the Incident Command System
Adoption, Training, Execution, and Technology

Macrosoft, conducted a survey to identify trends, best practices, and challenges the utilities industry when using the Incident Command System (ICS).

The Survey findings include:

  • 95% see ICS as “important” or “very important” for effective emergency response.
  • 50% of companies train on ICS annually, about 10% train quarterly.
  • 56% indicated their companies have no software application supporting their ICS process.

This report is produced by Macrosoft, Developers of Emergency Management Software for the Utility Industry

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Assessments on Demand (AoD) a device independent system for capturing & communicating damage & restoration estimates. Resources on Demand (RoD) a network-based, multi-user tool that manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements, and supports lodging/logistics during a large-scale restoration event. Outage Central (OC) a portal designed to help utility emergency resource personnel get comprehensive outage links, severe weather alerts, and outage news.

Example :- 111-111-1111
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